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If your school is ready for genuine, timeless school portraits at affordable prices, lets talk!  Our goal is to capture each child and teacher's unique personality in every portrait in a fun, relaxed environment.  We believe that every parent deserves great artwork that reflects their child's personality, stands the test of time and that families are happy to display on the walls of their home for many years to come.  

Click HERE for a quick School Portrait Video to see what we do!

Why Boutique School Photography and what is that?  

We believe that school photos are a important rite of passage.  We look back on them for generations and share them with our children and our children's children.  They are some of the most important images we have to mark the passage of time... shouldn't they be treated and photographed with this end result in mind?  Our children have personalities and we think their school portraits should too! 


  • Fun is NOT optional!!  Portrait day is full on FUN.  If we were ever video'd during a shoot, I am confident it would go viral because we will do whatever it takes to elicit laughs, silly expressions and genuine smiles....Good times come naturally, no matter the age of the child!


  • Time Flies - Each child will have 30 seconds to 3 minutes (depends upon each individuals school's preference) in front of the camera.  This is loads of time to have fun and capture a variety of poses and expressions. 


  • No Rules!  No pre-paid packages!  Families may choose the images they want to purchase as opposed to having images picked for them in a pre-paid package.  This is HUGE! 


How many students can we accommodate? 

Our organization in not a point and click school photography studio.  We work with small to medium size schools (60 students to just over 800 students) and we spend a huge amount of time and effort in planning, creating and making this a unique, memorable and authentic event that will elicit natural smiles and laughter from all our children, no matter the age.   We have worked with children ages 8 weeks to 18 years old.  We partner with our schools and families to plan the event.  No matter the size and age of the school population, each child is treated with respect and given an opportunity to shine in the few minutes (or even seconds) that we are able to connect with them.  Our ultimate goal is to allow the kids and staff to experience and understand that they are beautiful and perfect, just the way they are, and we are only here to capture it on camera.

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Listen in as I was interviewed on a national podcast about School Portrait Photography.  



  • Customized Portrait Sessions for every school:  Choose one or ALL!

  • Reasonable Pricing: 

    • A la carte pricing starting at $9

    • Package Pricing starts at $32

    • High Resolution Digital Files available

    • No Pre-orders required

    • 100% satisfaction Guarantee on Everything.  Always.

    • Online ordering - VERY easy with prints and products shipped directly to the families

    • FUNDRAISER:  Donation to school based on total gross sales generated in the first 14 selling days (must have min. sales of $2.5k to qualify)

  • Teacher / Staff / Volunteer Benefits:  

    • Discount for volunteer workers

    • Teachers and Staff receive FREE digital downloads of their individual school portraits

    • Teachers receive FREE digital download of their class photo

    • ID cards available for minimal purchase for faculty and staff

  • Basics:  

    • I was a preschool teacher so I KNOW kids and how to be silly and have fun with young children

    • I am great behind a camera and bring out the natural smiles in children and families.

    • I focus on the student and teacher experience, print quality and the parent’s purchase experience.