One day your children will look for photographs of you.  What will they find?  

I invite you to a photo session with me.  I promise we will change the way you see yourself.  We will capture the real you and the personality of your family and the character you all bring to the table.  I want to document your baby, your toddler, your graduating senior, your elderly parents and create artwork that you are excited to hang on your walls and decorate your home. 


Ok... About Me... But these photos are really about you...not me. :) 


Photography is my passion.  People are my joy.  Combine the two & I am in my element.  I am a full time professional photographer based in North Georgia & Western North Carolina.  I want to capture your best you.  I focus on your life, your strengths, your joys & the funny, happy, wonderful, tender moments that make up your beautiful lives!  I want to create classic, timeless images that you will cherish for years & will pass down to your children's children. 


I am a photographer of life, love & happiness.  My favorite photo moments include all things people; catching those silly connections and sweet moments.  I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go & the spontaneity & natural freedom in every shoot. I find so much beauty in each & every face I photograph & it simply overwhelms me & fills me with happiness. I could fill every frame with faces & love sharing my passion with my schools & families.  I want to spread this joy everywhere, always & with every shoot.   


That is it.  This is me & this is what I do.  Every. Single. Day.  


Professionally, I have been capturing smiles & giggles for over 10 years in Atlanta, North Georgia & Western North Carolina.  In addition to lifestyle photography, I will quickly stop and photograph any eye catching moment; from water droplets in a birdbath to beautiful mountain vistas.  Life is so beautiful.  My goal is to capture joy and beauty in small everyday moments.

Let's talk!  [email protected]


A few things about me.

  • I LOVE to laugh and do so rather loudly!
  • One of my passions is making people forget that there is a camera pointed at them.
  • I have two amazing and beautiful daughters currently in college so I am an Empty Nester! 
  • My wonderful husband of over 25 years is my rock, my cheerleader, my best friend and adventure seeking travel buddy!
  • I have three awesome dogs.  That's it.  What else can I say here?  I am a softie for a rescue.
  • I am naturally goofy and it works well with photographing kids... if I was ever videotaped during a photoshoot, I am sure it would go viral!! :)


I supposed I should also let you know that I am a member of the following fantastic photography organizations that keep me current and up to date on my training, education and techniques.

Check our my PRESS page to see local and national press about my photography.


Thanks for looking!

Kristin Boyer

[email protected]