What {NOT} to wear:


  • Coordinate pops of color.  Pick a base color (like grey, black or blue) and select one or two pops of color like orange, yellow, green or turquoise for accent.  It should coordinate and not everyone in the photo has to wear the accent color.  For example, mom and What to Wear_01What to Wear_01 daughter can wear pops of yellow or turquoise and dad and son can wear neutrals.


  • Bring your families personality into the photograph.  Layer with scarfs, hats, accessories that reflect your families style.  This adds visual interest and character.  (Though don't go overboard! You don't want the accessories to distract from the photo.)


  • If you have special props you want included, feel free to bring those too!




What to Wear_05What to Wear_05

  • Match - Do not have everyone wear khaki pants and white shirts.  Boring! 


  • Wear shirts with logos or writing.  This can be distracting in a photo.


  • Be too busy with accents and colors.



  • You and your family are free to bring as many outfits to change into as time allows.  This is popular for Senior Portraits.






What to Wear_06What to Wear_06




What to Wear_03What to Wear_03









What to wear_12What to wear_12