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I love my clients and am privileged to share with you some of their great feedback from past photo sessions.  As a consumer myself, reviews are a critical part of the buying process.  I hope you find these helpful... Enjoy!




Family Photography

These are adorable and fabulous!  Thank so much!! We had a bunch of fun yesterday :) R. Sanborn November, 2014 ----Family Photography Session



Hi Kristin, This is a way overdue note to thank you for all the wonderful photos you took during the beach week. You are so talented! The Jarden-Damutz clan never has family pictures where all four of us look good—so we can’t thank you enough! Thanks to you we have family photos we’re all happy to display. (This simply never happens). And the other pics of the kids are just beautiful.  Keep up the terrific work.~ A. Damutz August 2014 --- Family Photography Session


We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful family pictures. You are an amazing photographer.  Thank you again.   ~  S. Slaughter October 2014 -- Family Photography Session


Kristin took amazing photos for us in a beautiful setting that quickly became some of our favorite photographs. She was able to get my daughter to open up and let her true self shine through. Her infectious enthusiasm & smile will warm your soul as she captures your picture. You won't be disappointed! ~ Brad V.D. ~ July, 2014 --- Family Photography Session


We have used Kristin many times for our family photos and newborn photos. She is AMAZING to work with and the photos are perfect -she really captures the essence of who we are as a family. And Kristin is awesome with the little ones - gets them to smile and laugh so she captures them in their best moments. I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone looking for a photographer and overall outstanding person to work with - you won't regret it! ~  Ann H. ~ July, 2014 --- Family Photography Session / Newborn Session


Wow!! Kristen really has a keen eye for photography. Her perspective is really a work of art. I would use her again and again. Her attention to detail and expert customer service skills make her a joy to work with. She is so good with people, she can make anyone feel at ease. ~ Donna P. ~ June, 2014 --- Family Photography Session


These are fabulous!!!  There are so many that I love.  How do I pick which ones to frame, etc???  It will be impossible.  I will look at them more and see if there are any  edits but I just went through them and I am blown away!  ~ D. Reid ~ Oct. 2013 ---- Family Photography Session


Love the photos!  I have friends in town and they loved the photos as well!   I am looking forward to sharing the photos with family and more friends!  ~ D. Kotas  Sept. 2013 ---- Newborn / First Year Photography


Oh my gosh!!! they are are we every going to choose?!! you did such a great job of capturing everyone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You made my day.  YOU are a wonderful photographer! Thanks for a lovely time and such great memories!! :-)   ~ J. Wilner  September 2013 ---- Family Photography


Santa Mini Sessions:


Kristin, Chris and girls,  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful evening last Friday at your photo shoot. Your warmth, enthusiasm and genuine vitality literally infected everyone that came into your home.   I am more than appreciative for the opportunity to come and be a part of this event.   The photos are absolutely phenomenal. As Mrs. Claus and I looked at them we were amazed at the vibrancy and clarity in each photo they seemed to capture the essence of the ones being photographed.   Lastly, thank you for being so gracious to me. The cokes, fruit, water, the hugely unexpected tip Chris gave me as I was leaving all made for what I call "a huge success". Makes ole Santa feel really special.  Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas from the Claus household to the Boyer's. We speak bountiful blessings upon all of you.   ~~  Santa, November 2013  ------- Santa Mini Sessions


I love that one and all the others! I definitely want a CD, please! I enjoyed meeting you and absolutely love your work! B. Neal ~ November ---- Santa Mini Sessions


Love the pictures!  Thank you so much!  K. Hall ~ November 2013 ----- Santa Mini Sessions


Love, love them!!!!! Thank you!!  K. Campbell ~ November 2013 ---- Santa Mini Sessions



 School Portrait Photography



Hi!  I am a CMK mom and loved the pictures. I am M's mom (she was in orange polka dot dress on your cover page) and C.  I can't decide which ones I want!  ~ L. Strozier ~  Oct. 2013  ----- School Portrait Photography


Hi Kristin........the Kindergarten Committee was so pleased when I told them about the check you were bringing to CMK.   I have had fun all over again handing out the photo envelopes since the pleasure of the parents was so apparent.    Thank you again for making it a good experience for the children! Happy Thanksgiving!  Allison ~ Nov. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography


Thanks Kristin!  I love all the photos of the kids!  You are a wonderful photographer!  ~ A. Freeman ~ Oct. 2013 ----  School Portrait Photography


I LOVE the photos you did of the children....beautiful!!! Thank you!! ~ J. Newman Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography


Thank you for taking such great photos of C.  They are precious!!!  Great job!  ~ M. Jones Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography

Dear  [School Director],  Just wanted to give some feedback and let you know that I LOVE the   school pictures this year!!  They are great and seem to capture the uniqueness of each child.  Love the outdoor setting (thanks to the weather for cooperating) and the poses!  I am having a hard time deciding which pictures to order for the boys since they are all good!  Thanks for selecting such a great photographer for their school pictures this year. ~ Lori H. Oct. 2013 ----  School Portrait Photography


Dear  [School Director], The pictures are so, so wonderful this year! Thank you for providing such a wonderful photographer for us! ~ Camilyn G. Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography


Hello! First of all, I wanted to let you know that these are by far the best school pictures that either of my kids have ever taken! You need to get into Montgomery Elementary!! ~ H. McCoy Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography


For the first time, parents have e-mailed me to say they love their child's photos!  ~ Kindergarten Director Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography



I was on your website checking out the photos you took this week [of the students].  WOW!  You captured so many great expressions.  The parents are going to flip when they see your photos.  Well done.   Thanks for being so passionate about your work.  ~ K. Moussouri  [Teacher] Oct. 2013 ---- School Portrait Photography




Senior Portraits


The whole family loved looking at the photos - we all picked out different favorites each time we looked!  We will definitely be placing an order but I'm not sure how quickly.  I'm going to send the link out to the -grandparents and a couple aunts today...they will enjoy seeing all the photos.   Can you print the small 3x2 wallet-sized photos or are we better off getting those done elsewhere?  I'm thinking we may send a little one to some folks when we send graduation announcement in the spring.  ~ C. Friedlein ~  Oct. 2013 ----  Senior Portrait Photograph



OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I seriously have tears running down my face! I can't believe how GORGEOUS the photo is!!! Thank you so much!  (Too many exclamation points??)  ~  M. Cash (mother of a graduating senior) September 2013 ----  Senior Portrait Photography







Community / Charity Event Photography

Dear Kristin,  Thank you very much for taking such wonderful photographs of our recent golf tournament.  They were excellent!  As a photographer myself,  I really appreciated the quality of your work.  I hope you will enjoy the enclosed gift certificates as a small token of our appreciation.  Best Regards, ~  B. Price 2013 Event Chairman, Dunwoody County Club Prostate Cancer Fundraiser ~  Oct. 2013 ---- Community Events

Thank you for sharing your time and your talent.  ~ V. Anhrud ~ The Schenck School GALA Fundraiser ~  Oct. & Nov. 2013 ---- Community Events