Directions for....




  1. You can download your final images directly from my website by selecting all the images or only the ones you wish to keep. You will go through the "buying" process and check out for zero dollars and the images are sent to you via a link so you may download directly to your computer.
  2. To select a Image for High Resolution Digital Download,
    1. select High Resolution Digital Download from Featured Products Category on the right hand side of the image.  (see Screen Shot below).
    2.   The image will be added to your favorites (view dark grey dialog box on the top right hand side)
    3. To view the no charge high resolution digital images in your cart, select the grey buy button underneath the LONG Grey Menu bar at the top of the screen (below my logo). 
    4. You will be take to the cart to view hyour images.  You may download one at a time, multiple individual photographs or all at once.  You will move through the buying process but you will not be charge.   
    5. Screen Shot on adding High Resolution Digital Images to cart for purchase. Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.09.53 PMKristin Boyer, Screen Shot Directions on adding High Resolution Digital Images to Cart at no charge.
    1. Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.11.07 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.11.07 PM
  3. For safety, these downloadable images are password protected. The password, when prompted is kboyerphotos
  4. If you wish, you may order your images on CD or USB for an additional charge. The option for ordering these is in your gallery under featured products.  You receive ALL images from all your galleries, regardless of delivery method.
  5. ALL your images will be returned to you within approximately 3 weeks. 




I typically pick the best images to edit for your particular package.  However, sometimes you might want to share your favorites with me for additional edits.  In order to do so, please follow these directions.


  • You must create an account or log in in order to save your images. 
  • As you look at each image, you will notice a grey heart in either the top right or top left of each photo (location depends upon which screen you are in) 
  • Select it as your favorite by clicking on the grey heart and it will turn red
  • You do not need to do anything to share your images with me as it is done automatically (but you might just want to send me an email, otherwise I do not know you have selected anything!) 
  • If you leave your session, you MUST log back in to see your saved images.  After you log back in w/ your password then the favorites will be up in the left hand corner again under favorites and it will show you how many are in your favorites list.  
  • If you want to share your favorites with me manually, then go to the top menu bar and just below my logo on the black bar, you will see Favorites.  Click that and then you will be viewing all your favorite images.  On the far right hand side is a link that says “Share Favorites”.  You can share with me or anyone else.   My email is [email protected]



  1. PLEASE print your images!! It makes me sad when they sit on computers and never get to decorate your walls or desktop! :)
  2. You can order directly from my website for prints, metal, bamboo, cards, canvas and SO much more! Anything product ordered from my website is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like it for ANY reason, return it to me for a full refund or a re-edit, re-order.
  3. You may also print at a printer of your choice. I STRONGLY suggest you do NOT use a drugstore printer, costco or shutterfly etc. I would encourage you to use MPIX. This is CRITICAL.
  4. Your Print release can be found here:


APP FOR YOUR PHONE: Do you want your photos on your phone?

You can save photos to your phone: download the free Photo Moments app for iOS or Android then click the link to view your gallery.  Email me for the link to your specific gallery.