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Seniors - Great Examples on how to pose during your senior session!  

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As a photographer, I am constantly reading, taking classes, watching videos and doing everything I can to further my craft.  I just saw this video about composition and while there were great tips in the video (I love this photographers work!), I was also very impressed with the MODEL in this video.  It is completely normal to feel a little awkward while taking senior portraits.  Many seniors tend to feel self-conscious when it is ALL about them!  :). It's ok!  Now is your time to relax, have fun and SHINE. 

I am big on visual examples and the model in this video moves so beautifully and easily that I had to share this with you.  In photographing seniors, these sorts of moves would be wonderful and so helpful.  They were slow, soft, natural and simple.  If you are interested and have the time, enjoy this video and gather some ideas!! 

Here are my takeaways from this model AND my top tips for a sensational senior photo session 


EYES:  Use your eyes to express emotion.  When you smile naturally your whole face lights up and  your eyes look bright and awake.  I will give you prompts to help you smile naturally but feel free to practice smiling in the mirror and use different expressions to see what looks best.  Also, the model in this video is not always looking at the camera.  It is ok to look away.  

Rosenberg-11-2021-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-8693Rosenberg-11-2021-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-8693Kristin W. Boyer, K Boyer Photography Atlanta GA



MOVE:  I Love love love photos with movement!!!!  Staying stationary can sometimes produce a very staged and cheesy look.  Just because you are sitting or standing still doe not mean you can't change the angle of your body to create a look that is fresh and inspired.  Try leaning into the camera slightly to appear more engaged, shift y our weight from left to right, or simply move your chin slightly up and down for different shots as this gives us a variety of facial expressions to work with. 

SM_Reddy-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-3209SM_Reddy-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-3209Kristin W. Boyer, K Boyer Photography Atlanta GA POSING TIPS: 

  • Watch her hands... she softly touch her face and she is moving them around on jacket or in her hair
  • She is almost never standing flat footed (both feet squarely facing the camera with the entire foot on the ground).
  • Tilted shoulders... she is always dropping one shoulder or the other
  • Leaning back... creating an "S" shape to her body by leaning back
  • she is great at keeping her chin down

SM_Zach-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-0241SM_Zach-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-0241Kristin W. Boyer, K Boyer Photography Atlanta GA SMILING:  She is not always (actually almost never!) smiling directly at the camera.  Now, I love full on smiles right at me.  But, I also love the soft smile or the soft expressions of a neutral face. 

RELAX:  Great photos happen when you are relaxed and confident.  Le the excitement of your photo session show through the lens as you take a moment to breathe, relax and just enjoy the process.  You may feel silly but we will do everything we can to help you feel more comfortable.  

Seniors_B2H2W-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-5407-EditSeniors_B2H2W-04-2022-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-5407-Edit BREATHE:    This may sound obvious but breathing is key to capturing a natural look.  Take time to practice taking a deep breath while smiling in front of the mirror.  Slowly release the air while holding the smile and notice how your face and eyes settle into a natural and relaxed expression.  Allow your eyes to "smile" by focusing on the apples of your cheeks and pressing upwards.  When in doubt, just breathe.  ;) 

BEAUTIFY:  This goes for everyone.  Ladies, spend some extra time getting your hair blown out, get your makeup done and choose an outfit that makes you look and feel your best.  As for the men, take a shower and shave.  When you look your best, you feel your best and when you feel your best, you are naturally more confident.  Go the extra mile to walk into your senior session feeling confident, attractive, prepared and inspired. 

I just watched this video for composition ideas (always learning!) and I LOVE the way this model moves in her shoot. If you are a senior then this is a great video to watch to give you ideas on how to move! I will of course guide you as well. 😉

Want to see our Class of 2022 Senior Video??  


Atlanta GA Award Winning Photographer – About The Artist

Kristin Boyer specializes in seniors and family photography in North Atlanta, North Georgia and Western North Carolina.  Georgia locations include areas such as Midtow n, Buckhead, North Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Dunwoody and Roswell and Sandy Springs.  While North Georgia and North Carolina locations include Lake Chatuge, Hayesville, Hiawassee, Blairsville, Highlands, Murphey.

Kristin Boyer / K. Boyer Photography is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America 

K. Boyer Photography has been selected as a top Atlanta Newborn Portrait Photographer for 7 years in a row by She has also been published on a national podcast for school portrait photography by The Bokeh Podcast and interviewed by various magazines and publications such as top 100 newborn blogsVoyage ATL, and Mental Floss

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