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Why Hire a professional Photographer?

"Because when things matter, you've only got one shot. And there's no substitute for experience."

- PPA (Professional Photographers of America."

I recently read this in a blog about hiring a professional photographer and loved this so much, I want to share it with you.

"Family: ... How often do you get everyone in your family to cooperate and take family photos together for an hour or two? It’s impossible, unless you have your kids trained well. If you do, that’s impressive, but not normal. Most families have a short attention span when the camera is on a tripod and mom or dad are running back and forth to set the timer. And “Geez mom, stop telling me to fix my hair.” Time flies by and kids become adults in a flash. The next thing you know, you look back and wish that you had at least a few photos of everyone, looking their best, feeling great together." - Noelle Blass, Professional Photographer

A few reasons why you might want to hire a professional to capture your precious moments.

YOU get to be in the photos too!   If you are always the designated photographer (typically the moms!) of a family event, you don't get much screen time and you are a critical part of the family and need to be included in THE most Family of 7 posing on a stone wall in Murpher Canlder Park on a beautiful fall dayFamily portrait, Murphey Candler ParkOutdoor family portraits, Murphey Candler Park, Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Family Photographer, North Atlanta Children's Photographer flattering light as well. You are the story too.  By hiring a professional photographer, everyone gets to be in the photos, including mom. PLUS, as an added bonus, the kids might behave better for someone else and so might dad! :) 

Your Session will be planned out and styled. You will receive tips on what to wear, the best locations for your family, props if necessary, studio or on location... the options are endless and your photographer can help create the best shoot specifically for your family.

Education - A professional will have years of training, hands on experience and or schooling so they can quickly adapt to all situations, locations and experiences.

Lighting  - Lighting can make or break a photograph.  It is often the critical difference between a snapshot and a portrait.  It sets the tone, the mood, the feel 2 young brothers hugging in the bright fall sunshinebrothers hugging in the fall sunshineBrothers, 2016, Family Photographer, Children's Photographer, Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta GA of the image and if properly set (and often created), it can be magic.  It can take years to master lighting techniques in studio and outdoors.

Lenses, Equipment & Experience:  Experience and equipment plays a critical part in a photography session.  Everyone has a camera and many can create great images with their camera.  A professional photographer has invested in the best equipment, knows how to use it without consulting the manual and has had extensive training or has had experience with a wide variety of photography situations.   Although your cameras may be expensive, the cameras and lenses that your photographer owns cannot compare in quality to ordinary consumer cameras.  Also, there is no shortcut for experience and you can take a tremendous gamble with an inexperienced photographer not know what to do or how to handle the wide variety of situations that pop up during a photo session.

4 kids lying head to head in the leaves in a star formationKids in the fall leavesKids playing in the fall leaves, Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta Family Children's Photographer, Atlanta Family Photographer, Props & Backdrops When it comes to portrait work, there is lots more to a shoot than a fancy camera and a simple lighting setup.  The right backdrops and posing props can be crucial to a successful and beautiful final result. A professional photographer will know ahead of time what backdrops to use to create the image you are looking for, what lens and how to light your session.

A Professional is Invested in a great outcome. A professional photographer is working for you, and they are invested in you, your family and your happiness and satisfaction.  We want the end results to be something you LOVE so you share your experience with others.  We take great pride in our job and want you to view, print, frame, share and fall in love with the memories of the moments we captured together.

Professional Software & Redundant Back Ups A professional photographer will also own or have access to the ideal editing software and know-how to retouch and edit your photos, bringing out the very best in each one. The last thing you want is a Photoshop novice trying 1 year old baby girl in red tutu and polka dot tights in studio2 year old baby girl photo shootPhoto Shoot w/ one year old girl in studio. Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Brookhaven Photographer, Children's Photography to retouch photos of your most prized and precious memories.  We also have redundant back up to make sure your precious images are carefully backed up.

Creative Eye Lastly, a professional photographer does not just “take snapshots”; they facilitate the creation of works of art. A professional will draw from all of their artistic training and knowledge of equipment and gear to deliver the finest-quality photographs possible. An amateur will likely be “winging it” for large portions of your shoot.

Make sure your photographer is a member of various professional organizations and are investing in and maintaining their training and education by ongoing continuing education.  

There are a lot of ways to save money in life, but skimping on professional photography for your most precious moments should not be one of them. For timeless heirloom photos that will be cherished for generations, don’t leave your photography to chance. Invest in a professional.  "Because when things matter, you've only got one shot. And there's no substitute for experience." - PPA (Professional Photographers of America."


Here are a few video's about hiring a PPA Photographer.  :)


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