Maternity shoot with Dad too! | Kristin Boyer, Atlanta GA Photographer

          What a beautiful family!!  I had such a wonderful afternoon with this growing family.  They are both newly married and are celebrating the birth of their son with a maternity shoot.  But it feels a little unfair to call this only a Maternity Photo Shoot.  Afterall, dad was so great and in all the images and encouraging as he watched his beautiful bride pose and show off her inner beauty.  There are also two other little girls waiting at home to meet their newest family member but this photo shoot was all about the newest bundle of joy and his newlywed parents.   


The day was gorgeous and the parents were thrilled at their good fortune.  How could it be anything less than the beauty that you see here? 


I love maternity sessions.  When I  was pregnant, I recall feeling so great... even though I was larger than life (really!) and my ankles were swollen to twice their normal size.  I recall the feelings of joy about carrying my sweet baby and the anxiety about wanting everthing to be ok.  Being able to document this time of many emotions and feelings is a pure joy and a blessing that I don't take lightly.  Each family and baby is unique and it is my pleasure to capture that so as life settles down, we can look back and reflect. 


How great is that?   If you are ready to book your maternity session, don't delay!  My contact information is [email protected] or my cell number is 770-722-9045. 


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