My top 6 tips for a FUN and succesful family photo shoot | Atlanta, GA Family Photographer

Top Tips for Making your Family Photo Session Easier for Everyone!  

Children of ALL ages are unpredictable.  That is what makes this job so fun, we NEVER know what to expect!  The tips below will come in handy before your upcoming photo session. 


1)  RELAX! Your job is done!  Yes, it is hard to believe that the first item on Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Kristin Boyer Mini Session Atlanta TODDLERJust sitting, waiting for the perfect photo to be taken of my darling face! Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta Children's Photographer, this list of "to do's" is to relax!  WHAT???  We will get all the images you want and need and even some you did not know you needed!!  Photo shoots should be FUN and enjoyable.  You have worked hard getting to this point and your work is done... family is ready, dressed, clean (Cleanliness might be a maybe? but no worries, I have photo shop!)  All that is left to do is relax.   :)  Easier said than done, I know.  But it is nice to know that your "job" at this point is finished.  You have gotten the family together and it is now my job to coordinate everything else.  I got this.


2)  DISCIPLINE:     This goes along with #1 above.  Not sure if this will be easy or hard but try your best not to discipline during our few hours together.  If they need a few stern words, I will try and if I need more help, I'll ask.  :)  I will work really hard from the first few minutes at getting your child to trust me and let them know we are going to have fun.  I am new and silly and most of the time they respond to that. :)   I will let them in on a little "secret" that for the next hour or so, I get to make the rules and that mommy and daddy are "off the clock".   I got this. 


6 year old boy posing for a photograph on a stone wallYoung boy posing for a photograph - Kristin BoyerYoung child posing for a photograph with a HUGE grin on his face. Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta Children's Photographer,

3) TAKE A WALK... Wait... WHAT?  Sometimes kids relax and work better when mom and dad are out of eyesight or just around the corner.  I have been known to ask parents to go and take a walk or disappear for a few minutes while I engage with the kids, have some fun and take some great shots!  This truly allows the child to be themselves and this comes across beautifully in the photos.  I got this. 


4)  TREASURE BOX... If necessary, I have a treasure box.  I have treats (they NEVER contain common allergy items like nuts or peanut butter), little trinkets from the dollar store, bubbles and more. 





Family of Four - Mom and Dad and their young daughters outside for a posed photo in a beautiful neighborhood park on a bright spring day.Kristin Boyer Family of Four in the parkFamily of four photo shoot session in the park on a bright beautiful spring day! Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta Children's Photographer,

5)  PHOTO SESSIONS ARE FUN!  Before your appointment, have them pick out a few fun items that they want in a photo shoot.  With selfies as popular as they are today, kids are used to being in front of the camera and love to ham it up.  We will always make time for fun, lifestyle photos so bring along the teddy bear, the lovie or the basketball.  We will use them and it is also a great tool to help me engage with a child right off the bat! 


During an average Family Portrait Session, we will spend the first portion of our time together taking “posed” photographs.  These are the must have photos:  family portraits, Christmas card photos and a wide variety of group photos. The 2nd portion of our shoot is the “anything goes” candids.  Literally, anything goes and with all ages, you just never know what we might capture on film!!  





6)  Finally, HAVE FUN!   Uncle holding his niece and nephew outside in a park with big smilesUncle with Niece and Nephew AtlantaUncle with his niece and nephew on a visit to Atlanta over the Christmas Holiday. Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography, Atlanta Children's Photographer,


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