Personality Galore! | Atlanta GA Children's Photographer

This little man has so much #personality, it is simply bubbling out of him at every moment!! I have had the pleasure of photographing this family a few times and each one is better than the last!!  He is a chatterbox, super friendly, UNBELIEVABLY smart and cute as can be.  What a great combination!  I love children's photography and family photography and he is the reason that I love it so.   

PS  You should have seen him with Santa last November!  Santa was smitten with him too and they chatted about airplanes.  


June13thCFUMC-13803 - June 2015 PSEdit_June13thCFUMC-13803 - June 2015 PSEdit_


June13thCFUMC-13869 - June 2015June13thCFUMC-13869 - June 2015 June13thCFUMC-13819 - June 2015June13thCFUMC-13819 - June 2015

June13thCFUMC-13851 - June 2015June13thCFUMC-13851 - June 2015


June13thCFUMC-13852 - June 2015June13thCFUMC-13852 - June 2015 June13thCFUMC-13883 - June 2015June13thCFUMC-13883 - June 2015


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