Pre-School Spring Portraits, School Photographer, Atlanta GA

There are so many things about spring that make me happy... the weather, the bright new green on the trees and bushes, the flowers, the chatter of the birds and..... spring school portraits!    What struck me this year is that my kids really know me now and they LIKE to have their photo taken... it is FUN.  And that is the way it should be.  Picture day should be FUN.  After all, we are in the process of documenting who they are right now.  That is FUN. I get to grin and be silly and I tell the "adults" that it is just a part of my job.  Who am I kidding??  It is WHY I love this job!!  Such fun and joy in these little people and I love every second of the goofiness and fun and grins and giggles.  Ah......



Archiblad Combo CArchiblad Combo C

This is a tricky one... who in the photo above was not actually in the school or anywhere near it on the day of the photos?  I took another image of her and photoshopped her in.... can you tell? 


TrinitySpring-142 - April 2015TrinitySpring-142 - April 2015


TrinitySpring-347 - April 2015TrinitySpring-347 - April 2015


TrinitySpring-638 - April 2015TrinitySpring-638 - April 2015


TrinitySpring-1862 - April 2015TrinitySpring-1862 - April 2015


TrinitySpring-1138 - April 2015TrinitySpring-1138 - April 2015





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