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I love children... I don't think you could do a job like this and not love the littlest members of our society.  I have two little girls of my own (though I guess they aren't so little anymore at 11 and 13!) and I adore little girls but maybe that is what makes sessions with little boys such fun for me...I don't have any little boys of my own!  I love and cherish our uniqueness in all of us and especially the differences in little boys and little girls and I love to watch brothers play together.

These two brothers were a blast to photograph.  The deep brown eyes, long eyelashes and great personalities just won me over!!  I always tell mom's and dad's that they don't have to "parent" during the family and kids photo sessions. One of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is photographing kids being kids, families being families and the everyday interactions, little boys being little boys and brothers being brothers.  I told this to the two boys and said if they wanted to climb the trees during our session, they could do that!  Well... first photo out of the camera... BAM!!  This is what I LOVE!!! 

Climb the it's best!

Swamy-29449 - September 2015Swamy-29449 - September 2015

And these are the gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful smiles...

Swamy-29529 - September 2015 PSEdit_Swamy-29529 - September 2015 PSEdit_

Oh my..... brothers. 

Swamy-29504 - September 2015 PSEdit_Swamy-29504 - September 2015 PSEdit_

And boys being boys... it is just YUMMY!!!

Swamy-29458 - September 2015 PSEdit_Swamy-29458 - September 2015 PSEdit_

Swamy-29547 - September 2015Swamy-29547 - September 2015

Swamy-29623 - September 2015Swamy-29623 - September 2015 Swamy-29621 - September 2015Swamy-29621 - September 2015 Swamy-29642 - September 2015Swamy-29642 - September 2015 Swamy-29662 - September 2015Swamy-29662 - September 2015 Swamy-29669 - September 2015Swamy-29669 - September 2015 Swamy-29716 - September 2015Swamy-29716 - September 2015 Swamy-29700 - September 2015Swamy-29700 - September 2015

And topped off with my signature lollipop finish!!!  Always a HUGE hit. :)

Swamy-29720 - September 2015Swamy-29720 - September 2015


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