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I had the pleasure of meeting Erika Preval, the inspiration and proprietor of Charm Etiquette this week at St. Cecilia in Buckhead, one of her partner restaurants.  Erika has taken the age old manners and etiquette lessons and added a modern spin, updating and sharing these critically important skills in a fun, creative and engaging way.   Her classes and workshops offer something for all ages and all social situations from a play-date for a 2nd grader to a cocktail party for adults and everything in between.  

Erika reached out and asked me to photograph a manners courses for young children at a one of her partner restaurants, St. Cecilia.    In a fun and engaging way, Erkia shares manners and etiquette with the six young ladies in the class. Her young charges (photos not posted to maintain the privacy of the little girls and their families) were six little girls that giggled, laughed, learned about etiquette when walking thru revolving doors, waiting for the elevator, safety when walking on the sidewalks and a whole lot about table manners!  They learned where to put their cup, which side the fork goes on, how to take fruit off the kabob without it flying and they rounded it all of with learning about telephone manners!  Her daughter Kennedy also joined in and the girls had to shake hands and introduce themselves while exhibiting a firm handshake, eye contact and the proper introductions.  All this in 45 minutes!!  WOW 




You know what I love?  Strong women who have created, developed and implemented a business idea and are not only succeeding in business but thriving and loving every minute of what they do. 


Each of the little girls were taught about manners... please and thank you, how to shake hands and make eye contact, how to present yourself on the telephone and what to do if you accidentally call 911. 


CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6915CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6915 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6993CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6993 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6985CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6985

I am not posting photos of the children but the venue was just as beautiful as the little girls! 

CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6776CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6776 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6777CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6777 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6921CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6921

This gorgeous piece of glass, designed by Chihuly (Featured also at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens)  is hanging in the lobby of the office building and the late afternoon sun pouring in and through the glass was simply stunning. 

If the food at this restaurant is as good as it the decor, then it is a special treat!!  Everywhere I looked was a feast for the eyes!!! One entire wall is glass that looks out over Peachtree Street, across from Phipps Plaza.    CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6781CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6781 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6783CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6783 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6785CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6785 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6794CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6794 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6804CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6804 CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6799CharmEtiquetteStCecilia-6799


It was a beautiful fall day and the sun was pouring in the windows and the high ceilings, white walls, beautiful decor was stunning! 


It is such a pleasure and an inspiration to see the will and determination, the desire to succeed, work hard and all while balancing family, motherhood and a great business idea that inspired Erkia's passion and excitement.

This was one of four classes that these young ladies will attend.  Erika also offers classes for all age ranges and covers a wide variety of topics such as social networking, interviewing skills and dining etiquette.  Erika is a go to resource for modern manners, sharing tips on her blog and her facebook page. 



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