Good morning!!  I love the photos of this family...the laughter began before we even arrived with a family member being "lost... don't ask" and we did not stop smiling.  This location is one of my very favorites to shoot as there are so many visually interesting areas tucked away and each season is more and more beautiful.  I love multi-generational photo shoots.  As a mom, I know how hard they are to organize and coordinate and sometimes we wonder if it is worth all the effort to get it done.  As a photographer, I know how critically important it is to document our families, especially across the generations.  One day, they will be the an important physical connection to past generations.

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While we got some love family shots, we also had fun capturing the engaging personality of the kids...the boys in the trees and little "E" smiling and posing every time I turned around.  Gotta love it...  I really enjoy this part of family photo shoots, capturing kids being kids and playing is one of my favorite aspects of photography.  I love the real smile and the pure joy when photos are unposed.  You can see the personality shining through for this entire family...

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