Love, family and a beautiful day - Atlanta, GA Photographer

I have known this family for a number of years and have enjoyed Tammy's company during all kinds of neighborhood events... bible studies to pool parties.  I have watched her children grow and change over the years and am realizing that it has happened soooo fast!!  They are gorgeous teenagers and are driving!!  What struck me was the fun they have in each others company.  Very relaxed and easy going.  As a mother of young children and bordering on teenage years, I am thrilled to actually see a family that can laugh together and truly enjoy being around each other.  I have hope!! 

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The sun hitting the water, the trees and her hair was almost too much for this photographer to handle!! 

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I loved celebrating fall with a photo shoot in the park.  The lighting was spectacular and it was a beautiful fall day.  They were the last of my mini sessions on Saturday so we slowly meandered to different locations around the park.  The sun was setting and the light through the trees was truly spectacular.  When you pair that with a lovely family, the results are amazing.  I hope you enjoy!

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9907FallMinis2014October PSEdit_9907FallMinis2014October PSEdit_



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