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Giving Back... 

It is always a pleasure for me to be able to participate in various fundraising events, whether it is by volunteer hours, donations, or any other means available to me.  One of the nicest parts of my "job" as a photographer is being able to give back to various causes and organizations.  I have been on the asking end of many fundraisers for schools, sports teams, various organizations, park civic organizations, pools and sooo much more!  It was a great joy for me to say YES to helping another fellow mom and Chamblee Methodist family in raising money for her ALS Walk and Fundraiser. 

In September I was contacted by Jen Johnson who lost her mother to ALS in 2009.  She was hosting her 2nd annual ALS Fundraising event with an afternoon at Vintage Pizza and Frosty Caboose in Chamblee GA and topped off with a raffle drawing of various items.  Both Vintage Pizza and Frosty Caboose donated 15% of their total afternoon sales to ALS and many organizations donated prizes for the raffle drawing.  I was able to donate a family photo shoot and met this fun family!  We spent an hour (fastest photo shoot EVER for me!) snapping away. 

Thanks Jennifer for allowing me to participate in your event and raise money for such a worthy cause and thank you to the Giles Family for an exciting afternoon.  I loved the splash of orange, the colors and the excitement of photographing two young boys and we have some wonderful photos of this beautiful family. 



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