Family, Photos, Food and FUN!! Atlanta GA Family Photographer

What a wonderful, fun and lively family!!  This was the first of my Fall mini session families for 2014 and it was 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  They arrived ready and dressed, hair done, matching bows perfectly placed, teeth brushed and smiles ready...  As a mother of young children, this in and of itself is a huge accomplishment!!  Now, if you have four kids... it is even bigger!!  This family has four kids AND they own their own family business... the best pizza in the hood!  Vintage Pizza... Great food and great environment... If you have not eaten there, I highly recommend it.   The food is fantastic, the bar and drinks cold and refreshing, the environment is family friendly on one side and adults only on the other!!  Whooo Hooo!  And, to top it all of, they are across the street from the Frosty Caboose Ice Cream.  Oh yeah...   Did I mention that this family and Vintage Pizza ALWAYS support local schools, charities and events and give back to the community regularly?  What a winning combination!!  

If you are a photographer or even a parent of young children, you know that it is sometimes easier to get kids to relax in front of a camera if mom and dad are not there.  So... that is what we did!  I took the kids and ran... I even thought about trying to keep them. :)   A few minutes into the shoot with a few distractions from my little animals that perch on my head, we started to laugh and have fun and got some wonderfully amazing photos of these beautiful kids.  Love them!!  


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