Fall Mini Sessions - What to expect?

Hi!  It  is fall time and we are ready for Fall mini sessions!   I have been looking forward to Fall and these mini's for months and am so very excited to welcome you to the October 18th and October 25th mini sessions!  (If you missed these... I have Santa Mini's coming up in November!!)  


October 18th - Saturday

9 a.m. - Kara G. - BOOKED

10 a.m. - Shag S - BOOKED

11 a.m. - Jenn W - BOOKED 

12 p.m. - Break

1 p.m. - Julie B - BOOKED

2 p.m. Amanda R - BOOKED

3 p.m. - Tammy A - BOOKED


October 25th:  Sunday

2:00 p.m. - Aimee T. - BOOKED

3:00 p.m.  - Alisha E.  - BOOKED

4:00 p.m. Sarah T. - BOOKED

5:00 p.m. - Ashely W.  - BOOKED


The mini sessions can be a little overwhelming but hopefully this will help everyone better understand what to expect! Here’s what will happen in a few simple steps:


1) Arrive early:  Please make sure to arrive at location early as each session is only 45 minutes in length for up to 4 people and is $100  (If there are more than 4, please add $25 per person).  If you are late, that leaves less time for your photo shoot so let's make the most of our time together!  The October 18th session will take place at Murphey Candler Park off of Ashford Dunwoody and West Nancy Creek.  The October 25th location is TBA.  We will meet Murphey Candler Park at the gravel parking lot on Candler Lake East and Candler Lake Court NE.   I will have signs so you know exactly where to meet me.  It will be very clear. :)   The purple dot on the map below is the intersection.    I am sold out for this session and have am currently running on a waitlist.  If you are unable to join me for your session, please let me know asap so I can fill your slot.

2) Be ready:   Please make sure the children are fed, dressed and ready to go.  We will quickly introduce ourselves and have a few minutes to "chat" with the kids so they are comfortable and know we are going to have fun!  Come feeling confident.  Wear something that makes you feel great; if you look good, you feel good.  If you are up for it, coordinate styles with your family, but I would avoid matching outfits.   

3) Various Poses  Forty five minutes is enough time to take a few different poses of family pictures as well as pictures of the kids together and individually and maybe even a few of mom and dad!  If you have a family pet that wants to join us, go ahead and bring them!   Though we have limited time together, you’ll have several options to choose from.  We’ll move around the grounds to photograph different backgrounds, shoot some seated and some standing, and may even get experimental.  



4) Client Gallery  I’ll select the best photos from our session, edit them and share them with you via my website and blog.  Since most mini sessions are for holiday photos, I will not post them to social media so I don't ruin holiday card surprises!   You will have client access to your family gallery where you can view all the various photos.  You will receive 8 or more high resolution edited images and a print release so you may print at your location of choice.  Your gallery access code AND Password will be your last name and year.  For example, boyer2014.    Galleries are password protected so you will need to register to view the images.   You will also receive a number of additional unedited images.  

5)  Order or take and print:  You have the option to purchase customized holiday cards or any prints but you will also receive a print release.  If you print on your own images and cards, I would HIGHLY suggest using MPix for all your printing needs.  

Pretty simple, right?! If you haven’t decided what to wear, check out this post!   

It will be a busy day but should be loads of fun!  I have been looking forward to my mini's for months and am thrilled to have you joining me!  

Kristin Boyer




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