I am a full time professional photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia and I focus on both your personal life and professional lives.  Families and children, Corporate Events & Headshots, School portraits and in my spare time, travel photography!

I am a current member of the following professional photography associations / organizations:  

I was recently (and without my knowledge) selected as one of the 20 Best Newborn Photographers in Atlanta, GA for 2016 by Expertise.com!  I was so very excited!!  Click HERE to view more details.




A few things about me.

  • I LOVE to laugh and do so rather loudly!
  • One of my passions is making people forget that there is a camera pointed at them.
  • I have two amazing and beautiful daughters (14 and 12) and a wonderful husband of over 20 years.
  • I have photos of my two dogs on my phone as screensavers, not my children (much to my girls' dismay!)
  • I am nearly an Atlanta native... I've been here for over 30 years!  
  • I am naturally goofy and it works well with photographing kids... if I was ever videotaped during a photoshoot, I am sure it would go viral!! :)


I focus on families, kids and life.  I also know the great importance of and significance of sharing my time and energy with other organizations.  It has been just as rewarding helping schools, fundraising events, charity organizations and more raise money.  If you need a photographer for a charity, please reach out.  I am always happy to help and donate my time.  Some organizations that I have been involved in are: 

I am a wife, a mother to two beautiful girls, a friend, a daughter, a photographer and I am passionate about all of it.  I adore capturing life's little moments in a photograph... a look or a smile that I don't ever want to forget.   Life is so busy and flies by at lightening speed.   Photographs help us preserve what is most important to us ... celebrations, birthdays, marriages, childhood and all the little details of our lives.   I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to document these life events as well as all the little moments so that we capture your milestones and smiles and you can remember again and again. It's always the little things, isn't it? 

Helping others preserve these moments in time brings me great joy. I look forward to working with your family.


Thanks for looking! 


Kristin Boyer


Cell 770-722-9045